Rodney M. Helm

Rodney M. Helm

Edina, MN

Region 8
Regional Vice President

I feel very fortunate to be part NAR leadership in 2019. I have always strongly believed in our value proposition and the difference we make on behalf of our member. The challenges and opportunities that face us today are tremendous, and I am grateful to be in position where I may have some impact. I have seen the strength we have when we work collaboratively and know in my heart that we are up for any task. I am humbled by those I serve with, having seen the countless hours and passion our volunteers and staff bring to our causes.

When I started volunteering on a local level, I didn’t think it would lead to serving in this capacity, but over the years I have found tremendous value from volunteering. I encourage all members to engage; the personal satisfaction of helping make a difference and the relationships you’ll develop far outweigh the efforts. The question at hand is “What I would like my story to be in 2019?” I would like to be a voice for our members when that voice is needed. My friends and colleagues know me as a steadfast voice for the industry and the principles we stand for.

There are several industry issues that keep me engaged with, but there are three that stand out. First, I am deeply concerned about the impact of climate change on our industry in the upcoming years. I hope to be a driving voice to bring those concerns forward. I worry about the cumulative infrastructure needs to battle rising water levels and how that will affect our marketplaces. How will it affect financing? Insurance? Migration? No matter what one believes about the causes of climate change, these are critical issues for our industry. Second, I have spent most of my association career trying to the push the professionalism needle forward. It is a tricky issue, but we do need to pay attention to this principle for there are many looking to dislodge our relationship with our clients. Lastly, I’m focused on the ongoing challenges with data: use of data, control of data, and so on. I am looking forward being part of those discussions.

For those reading this from Region 8, know that I will work hard to represent you. I believe that solutions come from the efforts of many, and I will always welcome your input and your efforts. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.