REALTOR® Party Director & Committee Liaisons

The REALTOR® Party Director, appointed by the NAR president, oversees and facilitates the activities of the REALTOR® Party initiatives — Vote, Act, and Invest. Committee liaisons are also appointed by the president. They serve as a conduit for communication between the Leadership Team and their assigned committees; help committees operate effectively; and help identify future committee leaders.

Christine E. Hansen

REALTOR® Party Director

Arlene Davis

Association Leadership
Committee Liaison

Bob Turner

Commercial and Business Specialties
Committee Liaison

Colin P. Mullane

Global Real Estate
Committee Liaison

Jim Imhoff

Large Firms and Industry Relations
Committee Liaison

Stephanie G. Walker

Law and Policy
Committee Liaison

Pete Kopf

Member Services
Committee Liaison

Sam W. DeBord

MLS and Data Management
Committee Liaison

Melanie A. Barker

Public and Federal Issues
Committee Liaison

Tiffany N. Curry

REALTOR® Party Community Engagement
Committee Liaison

Jim P. Cormier

REALTOR® Party Disbursement
Committee Liaison

Kevin M. Sears

REALTOR® Party Member Involvement
Committee Liaison