Kathleen M. McQuilkin

Kathleen M. McQuilkin

Glenmoore, PA

Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee Chair

“Under all is the Land.” What a great opening statement to the Code of Ethics preamble and for our very important Land Use, Property Rights, and Environment Committee story! I am so excited to help lead our committee as we write our successful 2019 chapter. As you can tell from our statement of purpose, the issues that face our committee impact every facet of the industry and our consumers: “To position the National Association of REALTORS® on federal environmental, land use, natural resource, and property rights legislation and regulation that affects development, sale, or value of real estate.” Our committee is working hard on goals such as

● REALTORS®’ positions on vital federal issues like property rights, eminent domain, public land, energy, water resources, etc.
● Promoting voluntary incentive approaches to energy improvements in lieu of energy labeling or regulatory and legislative requirements, especially at point of sale
● Enhancing our committee’s interaction with other NAR committees, work groups, and presidential advisory groups on many critical issues that overlap (flood insurance, support/service animals, smart growth, all facets of sustainability, and so on).
● Improving the committee’s interaction and communication with state and local associations—our “grassroots, boots on the ground” for legislative and regulatory issues tracking and advocacy efforts.

Speaking of advocacy, let’s ensure strong public policy and political advocacy on our key concerns by reaching our 100 percent RPAC investment as a committee in 2018 and carrying it right through 2019. RPAC helps elect legislators who understand and support REALTOR® issues and provide us a seat at the legislative, regulatory and public policy tables when influential decisions regarding our industry and private property rights are made.

Our committee’s tasks are more a continuing epic than a short story, more marathon than sprint. Thank you to chair Cheryl Acker and staff executive Russell Riggs for their diligence and leadership and to committee liaison Kevin Brown for his support. I look forward to taking the baton for our 2019 race and helping scribe an energized, winning chapter with you, our expert, dedicated committee members!