John L. Powell

John L. Powell

Virginia Beach, VA

RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee Vice Chair

I have served as an NAR fundraising trustees for three years and have chaired the Virginia RPAC fundraising and broker involvement committee (FBI) for the last two years. I also currently serve as a RPAC of Virginia trustee. In those roles, I have helped the state association with its fundraising strategy. Candidly, we have spent a great deal of time looking at creative methods to raise lower-denomination amounts from those REALTORS® who have never contributed.

While we have had a robust major investor program (and continue to increase the number and investment of participants), I feel it is imperative to the future of our advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal level to make sure the roughly 70 percent of REALTORS® who do not give have an understanding of what RPAC is, how RPAC money supports candidates for elected office at every level, and how those supporters of our industry help ensure a positive business environment for REALTORS® and our clients.

Serving on the Virginia REALTORS® public policy committee, I also have a unique perspective on the role we, as REALTORS®, play in helping to define and develop legislation that impacts our profession. RPAC is a major aspect of ensuring that we elect legislators at every level of government who help us foster a healthy business environment.

In a cynical and polarizing political environment, it is incumbent on us as leaders to make sure every REALTOR® understands the role RPAC plays and the behind-the-scenes processes we undertake to raise and to spend money. We have seen great strides in Virginia when we can have those honest conversations with our colleagues, and I look forward to promoting those efforts them on a larger stage.