Joanne Zettl

Joanne Zettl

Chagrin Falls, OH

Research Committee Vice Chair

Continuity and collaboration in an environment that fosters community and encourages participation yields results that are actionable and impactful. Encompassing the direction of our leadership team and Board of Directors is vital to our members’ success as it incorporates our mission and purpose.

My role as vice chair of the Research Committee encompasses these principles as we serve the greater good of our membership and property owners. It’s imperative that committees have a broad understanding of the goals and challenges of all the committees so that, in areas where committee work intersects, we can strengthen the results.

Among our 1.3 million members, the depth of knowledge and insights are staggering. I’ll work in concert with the Research Committee chair and staff to funnel our members’ insights in a focused manner. Another goal is to purposefully encourage a comradery among committee member. Broadening our understanding our multifaceted markets and forging deeper relationships with our REALTOR® family members produces limitless outcomes.

It is truly a privilege and honor to serve.