Janet L. Kane

Janet L. Kane

Dallas, TX

Volunteer Leadership Advisory Board Chair

In an effort to better prepare volunteer leaders for their leadership roles at all levels of the REALTOR® association—and recognizing the great responsibility bestowed upon them—NAR has created the Volunteer Leadership Advisory Board. We’re launching in 2019, and I am very proud and excited to serve as the first chair!

This advisory board was created from the output of the 2017 AEC REALTOR® Collaboration Work Group, which recognized a need for competencies and a body of knowledge for volunteer leaders and cohesive leadership training. This work was further developed by the 2018 Volunteer Leadership Work Group, which identified four key competencies for volunteer leaders: organizational knowledge, interpersonal skills/collaboration, delivering results, and strategic visioning.

The stated purpose of the Volunteer Leadership Advisory Board is:
● To maintain competencies and a body of knowledge that lead to the desired skills, attributes, and knowledge base of a successful REALTOR® association volunteer leader
● To develop and maintain a comprehensive curriculum of professional development programming that will groom, orient, train, and prepare volunteers for their REALTOR® association leadership roles

I look forward to working with my colleagues to fulfill the mission set before us, and to contribute to the success of our volunteer association leaders.