REALTOR® Leadership 2019

Telling Our Story

Serving as a volunteer leader is not easy. It means time away from your business and family. It requires you to make decisions on behalf of your fellow members. And it sometimes put you in the crossfire of competing interests. And yet our association thrives because, each year, a deep pool of talented volunteers come together to move us forward. On behalf of NAR’s 2019 NAR Leadership Team, it’s my privilege to bring you this presentation of the 220 men and women who will lead our association in 2019.

I asked each of our 2019 leaders—leadership team members, regional vice presidents, liaisons, chairs and vice chairs, and affiliate leaders—to think about the story they’d like to write about their NAR service in 2019. You’ll see, as you navigate this website, that their ambitious goals and exceptional level of devotion come through loud and clear.

My congratulations and gratitude to this diverse, capable group of REALTORS®.