Bob Turner

Bob Turner

Cordova, TN

Commercial and Business Specialties Committee Liaison

I am a husband, father, developer, and owner-operator of multiple business specialties within real estate. I have been a land broker for 40 years. I see my role as making sure our leadership and committee members are organized and prepared. Organized means systems are in place for open and honest communication that enables us to meet, discuss issues, and generate ideas to help our commercial members and business specialists be the best they can in their practice. There are questions you’ll hear from me on a regular basis:

● What can we do to help you, the member, be a better professional?
● What can we do as an association to make our industry better?
● How do we better organize our commercial members?
● Why are we doing this?

I look forward to a fun and productive year with the goal of increasing commercial membership and moving commercial and business specialties to a more prominent role within NAR and our state and local associations.