Barbara M. Crane

Barbara M. Crane

San Antonio, TX

CCIM Institute

I would like the story of my role in 2019 to be focused on relevance. For more than 50 years, CCIM Institute has been a champion of careful financial, market, and investment analysis, and fiduciary-level professionalism in all phases of the commercial real estate transaction. As the industry became more sophisticated, we designed a core curriculum that kept pace. As the industry became increasingly specialized, we engaged the most accomplished practitioners in every field to teach through the Ward Center for Real Estate Studies. As technology became more intricate, we created the leading digital toolkit for our members. And as the industry globalized, we became a worldwide community that could source, refer, and transact deals.

As we approach 2019, we’re faced with unprecedented challenges. Blockchain, 3D printing, and other technologies will revolutionize the industry in the coming years. In the shorter term, the hurdles include a rising interest rate environment and a glut of obsolete properties ripe for adaptive reuse.

I will do everything I can to ensure that CCIMs are ready to thrive in the face of these challenges.

This includes enhancing our course materials and bringing more local market expertise into the classroom, whether in person or online; building industry partnerships to deliver solutions beyond our core education; and taking a more proactive role in shaping the future of the commercial real estate industry. With the help of my fellow volunteers and the CCIM staff, we can ensure that CCIM Institute will remain relevant for many years to come.